nhl live stream

If you are a diehard fan of the hockey sport, you can rest assured that there are many ways to watch your favorite team's actions and the games online. If you are also the cord-cutter, you will surely want to find the best way to catch up with the games without any hassle and fuss. Here we are going to share you the best guide to watch NHL live stream so that you won’t miss a single game.

nhl live stream

The new NHL regular season will happen in early October. But it never too early to discuss the options that you can consider to catch up with the event. The NHL regular season has been one of the most spectated sports spectacles in the world. The hockey fans around the world are starting to get hyped and waiting for the first game to kick off.

List of NHL Live Streaming Services

If you have recently cut the cord, or if you are planning to do so, you should reserve the alternative option to watch your favorite NHL team on your screen. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, you will have many options to watch NHL online, without cable. the options that we are about to share allows you to watch the NHL games live, as well as on-demand. So, without further ado, let’s see what you’ve got here.


Did you know that you can use your FuboTV account to stream NHL Games online? The FuboTV is a great streaming service that is suitable for all sports fans. This streaming service offers 40+ channels for live streaming. It is definitely a great type of service to watch the major games in the NHL festivity. There are the sports channels that broadcast all the NHL games.

If you want to catch up with most of the NHL games, you could stick to the sports channels including NBCSN, NBC, USA, CNBC, and other sports channel. The mentioned channels are those that have the most NHL coverage. These are crucial to being tuned to enjoy the full NHL Playoffs. Using the Fubotv, you will also be able to enjoy the other channels like FS1, FS2, NBA TV, and many more.

Wherever you are, you can also have the access to the regional sports networks that have worked with the Fubo TV. However, the regional shows will only be eligible if it is available in your area.

Fubo TV’s most adequate package to enjoy NHL games starts at $35 per month. The good thing here is that there is no contract that you should agree. Fubotv is indeed the great streaming service for the sports lovers. You could check the official site for further information.

DirecTV Now

If you have been using DirecTV for a while, then you can rest assured that you can follow the NHL online through this streaming provider too.

DirecTV is the right streaming service for the NHL lovers. Since it was launched 2 years ago, there are many sports lovers around the world who use this service to watch their favorite sports games. Although it is still a new player in the market, it has been providing a bunch of quality channels and successfully attracted a million viewers around the world.

The live streaming service in DirecTV Now makes it possible to watch your favorite NHL games without cable or satellite subscription. Not only the sports spectacles, you will also be able to enjoy the top TV shows from popular TV channels around the world.

DirecTV Now comes with 7-day trial membership. That means you are able to enjoy the service without paying a dime in a week. The provider also offers such a great deal for the customers. For $35 per month, you will be able to access around 60+ channels including the NBC and NHL Network. These work together to broadcast the majority of the NHL games. So, if you don’t want to miss the games from your favorite teams, you can’t go wrong by subscribing to DirecTV Now.

Keep in mind that the 60+ channel is the basic package. You can browse around and compare the packages before deciding to choose one. The provider provides up to 100+ channels across all packages. Of course, there will be the top channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS, and many more to enjoy. This works on any compatible devices, including your PC and laptop.

DirecTV Now also has a bunch of great regional networks to cover the local team's shows. If you are available in the selected market, then you will also enjoy the coverage.

Sling TV

Sling TV is not a new thing amongst the sports lovers. NBA fans, UEFA fans, soccer fans, as well as NHL fans are pretty familiar with this provider. If you have just cut your cord or are planning to do so, chances are people around you would like to recommend this one for you. It is a reliable and renowned live streaming service that does not require cable to enjoy. Many cord-cutters have chosen this as their main option.

Sling TV is popular for many reasons. One of the most significant reasons is the cheap price for the monthly package. For only $20 per month, you will be able to enjoy 30+ the best channels around the world, without any contract.

The good thing here's that Sling TV also includes the channels that cover the hockey matches. Sling TV provides the access to the NBC and NHL Network.

For the further information, NBCSN is the main faucent of the national scale of games or bigger NHL games. But some games are also covered in the NHL network. Some games are available on NBC as well. But if you are interested in major games, tuning in the NBCSN will give you more coverage.

Sling TV includes the NBCSN in their “Sling Blue” package, which only cost $25 per month including 40+ channels. Not only sports channels, you are also able to access the TV shows, music, and other entertainment.

The NHL Network is available in the Sling TV’s Sports Extra add-on package. You could just add $10 to reveal this service. Sling TV also adds the regional networks in its packages. You might want to explore your options through its official site and choose the most suitable ones for you.

Also, if you want to have coverage of the World Cup of Hockey live, you can also access it from Sling TV. ESPN has confirmed as the channel which grants the broadcasting right to the World Cup of Hockey to ESPN. That is great news for all online viewers since ESPN is also available in Sling TV.

PlayStation Vue

If you are up to use PlayStation or Sony service, then PlayStation Vue is the streaming service you want to pick. It is arguably the best cord-cutters options because the service allows you to bypass the expensive cable subscription, but also allow you to enjoy the TV as well.

There is no such thing as this service. It goes without saying that you will get the same quality for the cheaper price, thanks to the PlayStation Vue live streaming service.

The good thing about this service is that you don’t have to access it only on your console device. It is accessible through any compatible streaming devices, PS Consoles, and some compatible mobile devices. You might want to visit the website to see the compatible devices list to give you the picture of the options you have.

The plans prices are also affordable for most viewers. From $30, you will be able to watch your favorite NHL games without any hassle, or a contract. In some areas, it can cost around $40. Yes, there are different prices from where you purchase the service. It can be more expensive from Sling TV. But still, it is considerable if you are used to using your PS consoles to watch your favorite shows.

The PlayStation Vue reveal the service to the channels that broadcast the NHL games including, NBCSN, NBC, and FOX in the selected markets.

​NHL GameCenter

Did we mention that you can also watch the NHL games through NHL GameCenter? The official name of this service is NHL GameCenter LIVE. It is also one of the best online streaming services that are provided by the NHL Network itself. It provides all the hockey fans with the possibility to watch the games live streaming of all out-of-market games.

Keep in mind that this service provides the “out of market” coverage. What does it mean, really? That means out of your local broadcasting area. That means you won’t be able to watch the local teams even if you are in the area. You can’t want the games that air on national TV since you are out of the market. But then, you can watch the on-demand content right after they air. That is the downside of this option. You will need to see the chart that shows where your location is cited in the market. You should also notice which teams are blocked in your area. If by chance, your favorite teams are blocked out, this might not be the best option for you.

The on-demand replays are very suitable for those who can’t make it to their living room to watch it online. Or, for any reason, you are not able to watch it live, you could really use the on-demand live streaming service.

NHL GameCenter LIVE is available in various compatible devices including mobile devices, streaming devices, and PC, or laptop. The streaming devices that are compatible with the services are Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, PS3, Xbox 360

The on-demand regular season games will be available on the platform 48 hours after the broadcast. Not to mention that you will also be able to enjoy the On-demand streaming of classic NHL games.

Using VPN to bypass the Blocked services

If you are living outside the US, there’s a chance that you aren’t able to use the streaming services provided to cover the NHL all season games. It does not seem fair but that’s the rule of the providers to control their bandwidth uses and markets policy.

Although you have a subscription in the US, you may also not be able to use the service when you are overseas. So, how to handle this? Your only best option is the VPN service.

You can watch NHL online from outside the US easily with this incredible service. If you have been using VPN service for your other necessity, you won’t meet any difficulty.

If you are living outside the US, the options mentioned above are not working for you. But, don’t worry. You can still access all of the platforms by using the VPN service. The VPN is very useful to change your IP address to the US one so that you can access NHL stream in your country. Use the VPN service to watch the festivity from outside of the USA.

​Over-the-air with Antenna

You might be interested in catching up with the NHL games over-the-air with an antenna, precisely the Antenna with the DVR combo.
The over-the-air antenna, like the other perks of the options, allow you to access the network broadcasting channels including the ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC. The best thing about this option is that it is free of cost, and without a cable. The OTA antennas are the ones that you want to use. You could purchase this from any department store or electronic stores in your local area. The good thing about the OTA antenna is that it offers you the better HD viewing, compared to the conventional antenna you’ve been using for years.

​The perk of the antenna is that you will be able to follow the regional NHL games as well in your area. Plus, you can also enjoy the national Games on the NBC channels. You can add the DVR for more convenience since you can record all the games and watch them all when you are free.